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Reasons to Choose Our Web Marketing Company

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There are various reasons that may lead you to select our talented web marketing company. Here are a few of them:

  • Reliable track record – You already know our process works.
  • Customer support – Great customer support as you know, very responsive and knowledgeable.
  • Reporting – Detailed reports and content are provided throughout each phase (you know what you are getting).
  • We don’t lie about our numbers – When we say 50 submissions, we really mean 50 active, functional links (you will see them in your report). Most companies only have a 30-60% approval rate.
  • Software & Tools – Having the right tools such as a variety of licensed marketing software allows us to make better strategic decisions, and as a result, higher ROI.
  • Our links stick – We don’t rent links to our clients or do mass submissions. All our links are permanent, and we use whitehat techniques only.
  • No hidden fees – Many SEO companies often prepare proposals, which although they may be tempting, only get clients halfway there, often charging additional fees. We offer a complete solution designed to achieve your objectives.
  • We do a damn good job – Achieving long-term results and your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We avoid taking shortcuts that are short-lived, and we never jeopardize our clients’ websites.
  • Qualified and experienced staff members – Our team consists of in-house content writers, link builders and our lead project manager. We possess degrees in marketing, communications and computer-engineering, and have years of experience working in this industry.
  • Award-winning websites – our clients’ websites have won awards for marketing and communications.

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About Omnivision Design

about omnivisiondesign.com

Andreas Deligeorge, founder of Omnivision Design, has a BA in Communications & Marketing, and a DEC in Illustration & Design. As one of Montreal’s top ranking online marketing companies, Omnivision Design’s focus is primarily on search engine optimization – getting websites ranked higher on Google’s search engine, and WordPress web design and development. In addition, Omnivision Design offers various other services including but not limited to branding, corporate video production, social media marketing, and various graphic design and print design services. With approximately 100 clients, and experience working in over 70 different industries including publicly traded companies, Omnivision Design is the best place for both small and large companies to invest their marketing dollars. With an ROI-driven and marketing oriented approach to every aspect of their work, Omnivision Design has a diversity of satisfied customers and tangible examples of success stories to showcase.

The advantages of working with my company are as follows:

  • Analytics/Webmasters setup
  • SEO configuration / SEO-friendly website
  • Additional security configurations
  • Anti-spam / contact form protection
  • Experience / great reputation : 11 years of experience and 31 written testimonials (recommendations) on Linkedin
  • Pricing : For the quality you are getting and the team we have, prices are very competitive
  • WordPress specialization : We primarily build WordPress websites and have identified and purchased the best plugins for caching, page speed optimization, SEO, Security…
  • Up-to-date skillsets : My web developer attends Wordcamp every year and studies the latest and greatest ways to go about WordPress web development; our marketing experts are certified and subscribe to regular SEO / PPC related training.
  • Expertise / quality online marketing team :

In addition to SEO, we also have a Google certified individual on our team and have a unique solution for Facebook marketing (including Facebook pixel, lookalike audiences and retargeting) so if you ever decide you want to make an online marketing effort, you’ll be fully equipped. Our team also consists of SEO copywriters and translators so if ever blogging, expanding your website content, a monthly newsletter or SEO copywriting become interesting to you, we are ready to go.

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