DIY Versus Hiring Web Marketing & SEO Experts

In the digital age we live in, websites are extremely important for businesses. It’s impossible not to have one, even if you are a small startup. The design of your website says a lot about your business, which is why it is very important to do it well. A lot of startups go through a debate of hiring a web designer or doing the web marketingon their own.

Doing it in house can be overwhelming, as there are numerous options to choose from. In contrast, contacting a professional takes out all the guesswork, and it is very easy to find marketing companies in Montreal. There is no doubt that the choice between these two options is a difficult one to make.  In this article, we discuss these options in more detail to help you understand the difference between the two.

The DIY solution

The DIY term (short for “do-it-yourself”) is used for websites made on free site building tools, which means that you will have access to less features. Usually, you can choose between predefined templates and pre-made customization settings. You can change quite a few things, such as the header, logo, title, color scheme etc. Also, the tools are user-oriented with drag-and-drop features.

1) Common issues with DIY websites

Even though it sounds tempting, as it is less expensive, there are limited benefits. The “free” option motivates users, there is not a lot of time needed to create a website and results will start to pour in.  However, is it really all free? Well at first glance, it isn’t all free: only the basic options are. If you want something more sophisticated, you have to pay for premium versions and options.  Well if you have to pay anyways, isn’t it better to ask a professional to do it for you from the start? We assure you; you will have better results if you hire a web design agency instead. Just remember that well-built websites are essential to promote your brand and products.

2) Customer complaints about the DIY solution

Since the creation and use of these tools, several customer complaints have been noticed. Here are the main ones that seem to occur over and over:

  • The websites all look alike, especially if you only pick the free options
  • There is no website extensibility with the addition of new features
  • There are too many adds with the free version
  • The website doesn’t fit the business
  • There are not a lot of variations within one template
  • The SEO doesn’t work properly
  • The customization options are very limited
  • Too many restrictions with the free plans

As you can see, it would be preferable to get the help of a professional, otherwise the website will have some limitations and thus the business may risk facing some setbacks.

The Web Agency and its Options

If you want your business to work in the long-term, have plans for its future, and want to outdo the competition, you really should hire a web design agency, otherwise it will be complicated to achieve all these goals. Of course, the price might stop you, but keep in mind that it isn’t that costly. Here are all the reasons why you should hire professionals:

1) A unique design

Professional website designers are very well known for their creativity. They can create an unforgettable look for your website and allow you to outdo your competition. Also, the design will focus on your brand identity.

2) A higher level of user experience

With a professional web designer, the user goals will be achieved easily and smoothly across all devices. Each button, link and layout will naturally lead to a conversion. The designer will also conduct usability testing and help increase the customer satisfaction.

3) Unlimited Features

With a DIY website, there are limited capabilities.  Comparing this to a web design agency, your website can do anything: share data to a mobile application, e-commerce with payment providers, helpful chatbots, and so much more!

4) A mobile-friendliness approach

Professional designers and developers will be very attentive to the way your website is displayed on mobile devices. In consequence, users have the best viewing and browsing experiences. This is a must have if you want to increase your audience, traffic, and conversions.

5) A better SEO

You will have the best search engine optimization for your website, which will help you reach potential customers. The designers and developers will team up for the URL structure, meta tag creation, and much more.

6) Unlimited growth

If you want growth, a DIY solution is not the best option. You will only reach the ceiling of its capabilities, which was one of the main customer complaints: no transferring to another platform. A professional web agency is able to create a scalable solution that will grow with your business.

How much does it cost to build a website with experts?

Before contacting a web design agency, you have to find out the cost, which depends on a few key factors. Here are the things included in the costs: website type, complexity and structure, number of pages, specific or standard featuresand the development deadlines.

According to your vision and expectations, you will be advised on the best cost-effective solution. Most of the time, customization is what costs a little more, but don’t worry it is affordable.

All you have to know is that website development includes CMS installation and setup, selection and configuration of modules/plugins, creation of custom design/theme. Of course, the more complex your project is, the more it will cost. As for the cost itself, it all depends on the web design agency you choose. Just know that you can find marketing companies in Montreal, ready to help you in your project. Don’t hesitate and contact professional designers to get the best website design and outdo your competition!

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