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Ah, the influx of overly complicated acronyms that we have to remember is seemingly endless. SEM refers to the gamut of search engine marketing services that are available to you online, although typically refers to Google Ads. Don’t fret as we will break this one down for you into micro-bits of information that you will be able to reflect upon prior to reviewing our Montreal SEM services (in the tab located below SEM in our menu). As a business owner, it is important to reflect on how you will be allocating your monthly advertising budget. Our job is to simplify it, and to provide you with a few options that will assist your in meeting your sales goals, within your target budget. Generally, SEM refers to pay per click advertising strategies, which may or may not suit your business model. Review our SEM packages and feel free to contact us for more information. If you are looking for PPC management services to accommodate small or large campaigns, with various ad groups, you can count on us as we have experience working with over 70 different industries.

Local Search Marketing for Your Business | SEM Services

If you are in business today, you know one thing for sure. Your print advertising has been hit hard and although it has been hard for many small business owners to digest this fact, many are now reverting to online marketing strategies including SEM. This may consist of creating a Google advertising campaign through Google Ads services or third party service providers. Advertising agencies can provide more consistency, and a variety of assistance in the form of PPC campaign creation, Google Google Ads management, and pay per click analytics (using Google Analytics). Make sure you choose an ad agency or PPC consultant that specializes in PPC advertising to a great extent, and has experience doing PPC bid management, also known as pay per click management or who has significant experience working as a PPC manager so you get the best PPC results. In fact, you are better finding a Google certified PPC manager.

Google versus other forms of PPC

So, what is PPC again you ask? In short, it is distinguished from the organic search results or regular content by a a border around it, and is generally tinted to some extent so that it stands out significantly from the natural search results and user can differentiate between the two. Although Google PPC has recently gotten much more expensive, it is still profitable for business in many cases, especially for companies in industries where there is a high demand or there are high profit margins. However, there are various alternatives to Google PPC marketing, such as Yahoo and Bing, Google’s competitors. In addition, there are also PPC software, various types of bid management software designed to facilitate the management of your cost per click also commonly referred to as CPC or CPC management, your click through rate or CTR, your conversion rate, and many other variables for such PPC campaigns.

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