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The primary SEM services offered by Omnivision Design include Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing PPC servicespay per click advertising. In fact, we also offer PPC services on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. You may be wondering what the advantage or disadvantage is of using such search engine marketing services, or what the differences are between PPC advertising are between Google and Facebook. First, the cost will vary depending on which medium you use to advertise your business. In addition, the way you target the demographics you are after is entirely different on each one. Also, each site yields different demographics. One of the benefits across all sites is geo-targeting – being able to target people in specific regions or areas. On top of that, the major difference between implementing a PPC campaign via search engines than using social media, is that using search engines, your ad will appear based on the keywords entered by a searcher, whereas, using social media marketing, your ads will appear based on the users’ interests. All of these factors should be considered prior to deciding upon which SEM service to use. Contact us to help you make the right decision. Using social media PPC you can even go so far as to promote a specific post to your Facebook fans.

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