How Do I Make Google Ads Effective

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to get leads and sales. Google is the major search engine online today, and it receives billions of searches every day. Without the ads, you will have to rely on search engine optimization to get your website ranked so that you can take advantage of the free targeted traffic. But SEO takes time, it is very competitive and may not be reliable depending on the ranking methods you used because a single change in the search algorithm can have your website lose its ranking.

The alternative, therefore, is to use Google Ads where Google will display your ads on top of all the search results. When your ads are in such a position, you are guaranteed to get high quality traffic to your website fast, and without worrying about changes in the algorithm, as it is always the case with search engine optimization.

However, for you to be successful with Google Ads, you have to know what you are doing. Just like with any other type of paid traffic, Google Adwords can be deadly effective if you get it right, or it can gobble up your entire marketing budget, and leave you with zero results for your campaigns. Though the process of setting up successful Google Ads campaigns requires skill and some time to master, here are a few insights which upon consideration, will help you work towards creating very effective campaigns that will bring you traffic on demand.

Understand your target audience

Just like any other online marketing strategy, knowledge of your target audience is what will determine whether or not you succeed with Google Ads. With billions upon billions of searches every day, you need to know who your target audience is because this will help you determine he keywords you need to use, including the angles you should explore to get the best results. With Google Ads, if you target inaccurately, you will clear your budget without getting clicks or even impressions, and this will be a waste of your time and money.

Don’t be lazy with your keyword research

With Google Ads, you will be bidding on keywords. If you use the right keywords, your bids will be low, and you are likely to get more impressions, hence, more traffic to your landing pages. Using the keyword planner provided by Google is not enough if you want to have success with Google Ads. The tool is a nice starting point, but you need to delve deeper and evaluate each keyword group to know the intent of the buyer.

Depending on the keyword used, you can tell whether the buyer needs to buy something, or whether they are interested in specific information, or if they are just browsing for general knowledge. This is something you must spend a lot of time doing because you don’t want Google to send you the wrong traffic, yet you are paying. This will not only be costly but also will reduce the quality score of your ads, which will in turn, reduce the impressions Google will give you. I guess this is not what you would have wanted.

One campaign for one goal

As a business, you may have different objectives for running your marketing campaigns, and such should be adequately reflected on how you structure the ads. If you are running lead gen campaigns, you should not bundle it together with sales campaigns, and the same should also be the case if you are running awareness campaigns. With each campaign you create, ensure that your goals are very specific.

Be thorough with the ad copy

The other aspect of your Google ads that you must always take seriously, is the ad copy. This is what those who do searches on Google will see, and if you fail to get them to click, you will not drive any visitors to your landing page. And if this goes on for some time, Google will degrade your ad and reduce the number of impressions you will be getting. Therefore, you have no choice but to learn how to make great ad copy. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Be informative – if you write informative copy, it will appear more persuasive, and this will increase the click-through rates. Though you will always be limited by the number of characters you can have in the copy, always strive to make it as informative as the characters can possibly allow.
  2. Make good use of scarcity – nobody wants to miss out on anything, especially if they are searching for it online. Using scarcity in your copy is a sure way to take your CTR through the rooftops because your target audience will not want to miss out on available opportunities.
  3. Make good use of the headlines – with Google Adwords, you have enough room to write pretty decent headlines. Remember, this is the first thing your target audience will see before reading the copy. Therefore, it must be captivating so that users can easily notice that it is what they were looking for, so that they can click on it to go to your landing page.
  4. Watch out for typos – the presence of typos in your ad copy will do you more harm than good. It will indicate that you may not be that professional, after all, and as such, very few people will be trusting enough to click through to your landing page. Therefore, don’t entertain any kind of typos in your work.

Have a good landing page

Conversations for your ad will take place on the landing page. Your landing page should have all the elements necessary to convert your traffic, depending on the conversion goals you may have. No matter how good your ad is, if you send the traffic to the wrong landing page or poorly designed landing page, you can forget about making your ads effective. This is something you must not slack on, even if it means hiring a conversion expert to help you design the landing page.