How to Covid-Proof Your Company – SEO & Website Design

Covid-19 has had a big impact on the world and most importantly on businesses. Due to the mandatory confinement, clients were lost and some businesses had to close, which had a huge impact on sales. How can a company really prepare for this type of situation?

First, it is very important to have a functioning website to sell all your products online if access to your store is impossible. Nowadays, everything is bought online, you just have to get the right tools. To get help, you can contact SEO experts in Montreal,  they can equip you with brand new website design which will help target more potential clients.

Read this article to know more about the tactics you should put in place in order to survive a crisis like Covid-19.

7 important tactics

Here are tactics that a company can use to help get through tough times.

1) Install an automated lead machine

If you haven’t installed an automated lead process, now is the time to do so. If the economy goes down, you will have to sell twice as much as before to stay afloat, and without automatization this can be a difficult feat.  But what is an automated lead machine? It generates leads to the engine, which is the key to having a successful business. The software automates some of the aspects of your lead generation and gives your business a real boost. Basically, it is replacing you and your staff.

2) Rely on systems and less on people

Always manage systems first, then people. Thinking otherwise is an E-myth (“Entrepreneurial Myth”). It is the mistaken belief that businesses are created by people with business skills, when in fact most are created by people who know nothing about businesses. When you rely on systems, you have greater chances to see your business flourish. Also, in dire times, you can’t really rely on people as we have seen during confinement. So, use as many systems as you can to substitute people when they can’t physically be in the company. This way, you don’t lose money.

3) Speak to your customers

Dialogue is the key to keep your customers happy. Also, put your customers on a contract if you can, as this will have a positive outcome. Of course, it is complicated to do it when the future is so uncertain. So, initiate conversations with your clients and customers about the coronavirus. First, ask them if their marketing strategy has been affected. An open conversation can help you make changes if need be. Also, you should send out surveys to your customers to understand how they’re dealing with the virus. You can easily use Google Forms to accomplish that task.

4) Focus on copywriting

In the weeks to come, people are going to be online constantly to check updates about the virus and the economy. Because of that, all the copywriting on your website, marketing materials, ads, etc. are going to be a competitive advantage. With the world fighting for engagement, strong copywriting is necessary to get a competitive advantage and attract the target you want. Just as a reminder, the copywriting is the act of writing texts to advertise your products called copy or sales copy. The written content aims to increase the brand awareness and persuade your targets to buy them.

5) Focus on thriving markets

Testing new markets in the current situation and with this uncertain economy isn’t a good idea. You will lose time and resources. On the other hand, you should double down on the markets that have been effective for you.  It is important that you identify the ‘who, what and why’ of your company and its products. That way you’ll know what to improve and what to change. Just focus on three things: focus on who your customers are, drill down this specific niche and create products that your customers will love and buy. That way you are sure to earn money.

6) Focus on bottom-line products

Right now, companies aren’t focused on the products they don’t need, but only on the ones that will be sold quickly. But there is something you should consider: if your product makes your customers money or saves money, then you become indispensable. Those products are called bottom-line products and they are more efficient than you think. So, you have to assess their value and see what to do with them.

7) Make sure to have products available for sale

At the end of the day, the product is the star.  You only have so many hours in a day to sell your products (even if you have a really big team, you’re limited to their hours). When the business isn’t open, your products can always be ordered online, so they will make you money while you sleep. It is plain and simple. Just make sure to have products in stock. If you’re a service, figure out how to productize some of those services. Keep in mind that products come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be digital as well like e-books. It can be anything as long as it can be purchased and paid for online.

In conclusion, you have to develop your business online to keep earning money during hard times. It is very important, as a lot of people are online most of the time. Just make sure that your website is available on any device, the products are easy to find and that your SEO is developed enough. If you don’t know how to do that, you can always contact SEO experts in Montreal and marketing companies. They will help you with everything and they will make sure your website attracts traffic, so that you can sell all your products even if you can’t open your business.

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