The Rise of CRMs, a Powerful Tool for SEO and Web Design Agencies

Today’s businesses, especially web agencies, have to do business with hundreds of clients.

With so many conversations, it can get a little confusing to archive all customer information, contracts, conversations, and customer tasks.

That’s why web design companies strive to create software that makes it easier for us. This software is called “customer relationship manager” (CRM).

Find out more about these management tools that have revolutionized the processes of thousands of businesses.

What is a CRM?

First, it is important to understand what a CRM is in order to use it well.

A CRM or “customer relationship management system” is software that serves as a database containing all your customers (and sales leads/prospects). According to Grandeview Research, the crm is the fastest growing software for marketing.

In this database, you can enter essential information such as name, phone number, email, website URL and much more; in fact, you can customize the fields that you require.

It is important to note that most CRMs are customizable so that they can be leveraged regardless of your industry.

Not only do CRMs bring together the technology needed to forever burn your information to a cloud database, but it also becomes an important decision-making tool.

The CRM also allows you to visualize sales and customer service processes, and business priorities. Looking at your past actions will make it easier for you to make room for improvement, but more importantly, to base your decisions on facts.

Why a CRM

In the age of big data, it’s obvious that information is power. Indeed, by collecting information on your customers, your CRM platform will allow you to follow the progress of each of your customers, in a great amount of detail. This way you will be able to prevent problems before they arise, offer personalized services to everyone, monitor your company’s sales pipeline and visualize every step of your sales process. In other words, leveraging a CRM allows you to centralize information so that you can make decisions, take action more easily, and better calculate your ROI.


In recent years, a player in the CRM world has taken the market by storm with their 360 platform. By offering a free platform, Hubspot has won the hearts of many entrepreneurs, and has become a key component for thousands of companies.

With its easy-to-use interface, multiple features, and online marketing courses, Hubspot has set the standard in terms of CRMs.

On the other hand, Hubspot is not just a CRM. As it integrates with a multitude of other relevant and complimentary platforms, it has become one of the most powerful tools for managing your business.

It integrates seamlessly with Monday, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Asana, Gsuite, etc. So in addition to a database of your contacts, Hubspot will become your platform of choice for connecting with your customers, prioritizing and automating tasks to be accomplished.

Getting started on Hubspot

Here is a brief tour of the various essential functions of Hubspot:

The contact list:

The customizable contact list will allow you to obtain all the necessary information about each of your customers.

From this page, you can create new contacts, contact your customers and prospects, classify your contacts by list and thus be able to send the right promotions or emails to the right people.

Contact List

From this page, you will have the creation of lists.

It will be easy for you to group your customers and future customers by characteristic or by company.

These lists will allow you to send emails to several people at the same time and thus be able to reach more people with an offer personalized to them.

For example, you are an agency and you have built a list of former clients who are no longer serving you now. This list allows you to send a tempting offer to all of your old contacts with just a few clicks.

Good list management will allow you to develop sales tactics adapted to each segment of your choice, but also to understand how to properly adapt your offers to each segment.

The contact file:

The file part of the contact is probably the number one reason to use Hubspot. This powerful tool will allow you to centralize all the information about each of your customers. In this section you will find:

  • All the information to reach your client
  • Notes attached to the customer, very practical in terms of increasing sales.
  • Email exchanges between your company and your customers
  • The tasks to be performed, and their priority status.
  • It is also possible to record your telephone conversations with each customer.
  • You can also make an appointment with your contacts directly through the platform

Make Appointments

In this section, you will be able to keep all interactions as a news feed in order to follow the experience. Even being able to record your phone conversations and virtual appointments, you will be sure to never forget any detail.

When filled out, this sheet becomes a very powerful sales tool, as it will allow you to retain the customer’s personal information, and generate personalized conversations for each customer.

This way, you make sure you don’t forget anything, and address each customer in a personal way.

The sales platform:

Hubspot’s sales feature is a visual tool for viewing your sales pipeline. With Hubspot, you will be able to see where each of your prospects is within the sales cycle, and how much money you are leaving on the table throughout your sales process.

This way, you will be able to identify sales opportunities, along with any obstacles or problems throughout a particular stage of your sales process.

You can then use this information to better train your sales team, and resolve these problems. In addition, this function is customizable to your needs.

Sales Platform

This section will also allow you to create offers tailored to each route.

For example, someone has made an appointment, seems interested, but is hesitant to make a commitment. With this table it will be easy for you to visually see how long the person has been hesitating, so you can offer them a special offer to convince them.

For sellers, this section can even serve as a calendar, as you will be able to see your next appointments while having access to all the information in the case with just one click.

It is also possible to automate some actions in this table in order to speed up the sales process such as:

  • Making an appointment
  • Sending welcome emails, invoices, contracts, etc.

Marketing Platform:

Hubspot’s Marketing feature allows you to create content for your different platforms.

Offering several models to make your job easier, Hubspot will become your tool of choice for producing your communications, especially if you do not have a lot of experience in marketing, because this platform offers you models for your emails, your social media posts, your advertisements and even questionnaires.

Marketing Platform


Hubspot is the perfect tool for businesses, both large and small, wanting to accumulate as much information as possible about their customers, so they can personalize their offers.

Whether your business offers web design packages or any other type of business that involves a sales process, Hubspot can be adapted to your business.

By offering a simple interface, content creation tools, visualization of the sales process, and centralization of information for free, Hubspot has conquered the CRM market, and is recognized as one of the biggest players in the industry. In addition, Hubspot offers the Hubspot Academy, where you will find a wide range of free courses on the platform, and on marketing in general. To learn more about the platform, visit