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Get affordable web design services offered by our leading internet marketing and  SEO company, Omnivision Design, the best web designer in Montreal. Omnivision Design will help improve your site’s conversion rate, the percentage of visitors on your website that become customers, and will also help drive more traffic to your website. After all, what is the point of having a great website if nobody can see it? Our Montreal web design company creates professional websites from scratch. Alternatively, we can redesign your existing site, including content creation, web development and call to action or conversion optimization, to complete full-service, comprehensive one-stop-shop internet marketing strategies. An effective web design strategy should result in a user-friendly, eye-catching and memorable website. WordPress and Shopify are the most popular content management system (CMS) and the majority of new websites are created using WordPress or Shopify. WordPress is our platform of choice, primarily for service based companies, whether they are B2B or B2C, but we also enjoy creating e-commerce websites using WooCommerce (WordPress’ transactional website platform). The reason being, WordPress itself is free and it is open-source, meaning you can benefit from the thousands of plugins that are added by qualified developers around the world. Essentially, this makes the addition of new content and features easier and cheaper, without having to sacrifice quality. That said, the effort involved in maintaining, updating and securing your site, although you can hire us to manage your site for a modest monthly fee.

Shopify is a great platform to build a primarily transactional website, and there are many features offered within and surrounding its platform that are advantageous, such as easier ability to sell products on Amazon, and 2-way integration from your retail store to your Shopify website using Smart Vendor (platform for retailers, which saves time on inventory management); although it is quite laborsome to manually integrate products into the site at the outset, and many simple features such as customizing URLs in multiple languages, require paid plugins. In addition, Shopify charges monthly fees, so it is only recommended to use this platform if you have budgeted for at least several hundred dollars per year to maintain your website. That said, the platform is stellar; and the web hosting and security features that are built-in to all Shopify websites, are quite comprehensive.

Concerning transactional websites, also known as e-commerce, we prefer to use WooCommerce (WordPress) or Shopify, an off the shelf platform or commercial product; albeit one that has grown rapidly and offers new and improved features regularly. These platforms save our clients from the hefty ongoing website development costs typical of any website, without being able to take advantage of the various plugins and modules already available within these two search engine-friendly platforms, and most of the labour involves configuring and setting up certain features and functionality. However, even the best web design is no replacement for a web marketing strategy – keeping up with web site trends. Google Analytics, and other website performance monitoring services and tools are listed among our services. Affordable website maintenance is also available.

If you would like to redesign your site, you can also opt for a complete website redesign. Get a reasonably priced and search engine optimized website using our expert web designer. So what make us the best web design company you ask? First, we take into account the customer’s needs. Second, we take into account the customer’s industry and the amount of competition online. Finally, we make sure to take into account search engine visibility, which has become critical to a website’s online success.

WordPress Website Design Services | Shopify E-commerce Website Design

If you are looking for a combination of the top Montreal web design service for a reasonable rate, contact our web design company, specializing in web design layouts and website designs for visitor and user-friendliness, designing effective colour schemes. The best web design service means a high conversion ratio and a low bounce rate. Our expert web design services by our experienced marketing team will get your website to rank high in search engine results. The end result is a unique web site that encompasses the appearance of each brand, from a marketing perspective, both technically and visually. All our web design Montreal clients are eligible for affordable web hosting. Quality Montreal web design services are affordable, and turnaround time is quick. Call (514) 655-6276 to speak with an expert web designer now to review your requirements and for a complete needs assessment for your HTML, WordPress website design or for Shopify e-commerce web design, if you require a transactional website to sell products online.

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