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Logo Design - Why Branding Will Make or Break Your Business

In the same way that you should select a web designer with a vaste understanding of marketing principles, you should choose your logo designer with similar qualifications. A logo is not (or shouldn’t be) just a pretty graphic icon with some text floating about. Your company’s logo design should have your values, mission and vision statement imbued within it, so it is not simply an image, rather, a symbol that dictates your corporate identity and reinforces what is most important to your staff and your clients. Your brand should contain features that make it top-of-mind, and evoke targeted emotions, images and events upon its appearance. In addition, creating your logo or brand is surprisingly undervalued by most, despite the fact that is nearly as crucial as marriage – choosing the right icon that should stick to you and your business for the remainder of its duration. We highly recommend investing the right amount of time and resources to this phase of your business or start-up as reversing it will likely be far more costly and problematic at a later date. If you require a web design, you may also want to opt to have us redesign your logo.

Web design logo: why it matters

The first thing people see, when they visit your website, is your web designer’s logo. So, if you don’t want to have a high bounce rate, it should be very attractive and motivate users to look through your site. A company logo is a very important part of web design; it must correlate with other parts of your pages, including your website’s colour scheme. If you want to be #1, just contact Omnivision Design to get top web design logo services.

A company’s logo is its graphic and simplified representation, making it directly identifiable to the public, and therefore to consumers. It conveys the company’s brand image on its business cards, quotes, invoices, sales brochures, technical documents, and its official website. Its importance therefore rests in the fact that it bears the colors, values, ​​and philosophy of the company it represents. A company logo communicates a real message. Indeed, it conveys the message that the company wants to diffuse to its audience, which is why, to remain interesting, it must not be too simple to understand, otherwise the public will not have pleasure in decoding it.

Before designing your logo, you should start by studying the competition, to see what is already being executed well, and not so well. Logo design is a long process. That’s why we have to take the time to consider all the possibilities, and avoid various pitfalls. Also, if you choose to design a logo in abstract form or that illustrates the activity of your company, there should be absolutely no double meanings possible, which could prove to be negative for your company’s image. Favour logos that are simple but relevant, easy to remember, and above all, positive, in order to respect the image of your company. A logo should be kept simple. For example, you should absolutely avoid using too many different fonts and colors, in the same logo, whether you are going for a text or abstract logo. Indeed, it is essential to develop a color code associated with your company, and to allow your logo to be printable without being too expensive, and especially to be able to be available in black and white, if it is printed for such a publication. A good logo therefore uses an average of 3 to 4 colors maximum. Indeed, the risk of printing and photocopying, is that the logo loses its readability, and does not come out in high quality. Finally, your company logo must be able to age well, that is to say, it should not be too trendy, because your logo should last an average of 15 years, before requiring a redesign.

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