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The best analogy for designing the perfect website is finding the perfect spouse or life-partner. Perfect web design is simply impossible. Why you ask? Because your web designer should ensure a dynamic website, which means that the site is under a series of regular updates, as any good website should be. Here is a detailed overview provided by our web design company. First, your users’ expectations will always change with the evolution of the Internet. For example, your users would not anticipate a website to look or function the way it does currently in 1995 and vice versa. Staying up-to-date both in terms of appearance, functionality and content are important. However, certain precautionary measures can be taken and factors considered when designing the first draft of your website in ordered to elicit a specific response from its users. In addition, Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, which means staying on-top just got that much more challenging. Finally, advertising media have evolved throughout the years. Email marketing used to be extremely popular. However, in recent years, other alternatives became available including banner advertisements, social media and pay-per-click advertising. In addition, advertising has been transformed into a 2-way marketing channel whereby users play a much more active role and often reciprocate and are more frequently prompted to respond to certain messages via a series of calculated actions. Checkout our web design packages or contact us for a custom quote on affordable web design at (514) 655-6276.

Conversion Optimization – Web Redesign

Ever wonder how your website could make the world a better, happier place? Well, how about improving on your users’ experience? Why not make a commitment to improving your user experience, increasing visitor duration, pages visited or minimizing your bounce rate (percentage of visitors who leave immediately without visiting other pages or performing any specific action on your site). Making such improvements on your website is known as conversion optimization – effectively, improving your website’s conversion rate in ordered to achieve a particular objective, such as increasing the number of opt-in forms filled out, the number of phonecalls or sales for transactional websites. In fact, there are ways to set specific goals within Google Analytics. If you currently have a website and are not taking full advantage of Google Analytics, we highly recommend you do so. It’s free and it will help boost your traffic and sales. If your visitors aren’t interacting optimally with your website, it may be time to make a few tweaks, or for a complete website redesign.

Web Hosting and Website Maintenance Services

Finally, quality, high-speed and affordable web hosting will quicken your pace to success. Ensure that you have sufficient email accounts and a quota enough for all your data storage needs. You may also need a decent website maintenance service to create, publish and syndicate content on your website or blog.

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