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  What is online marketing?
Online Marketing refers to the various methods that are used to improve one’s presence and increase visibility on the internet. Omnivision Design specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) and WordPress web design / development, but also offer a variety of graphic design and print services, corporate videovideo SEO and more. Feel free to checkout our company and testimonials on Linkedin or Google+, visit our Facebook Business Page, and of course our company website.Also, make sure to checkout our portfolio and our affordable web design packages and SEO packages.
  What services do you offer?
Omnivision Design offers a host of Internet marketing services including web design, natural optimization in Google’s search engines, known as organic SEO, and pay-per-click management services, which involve the creation, monitoring and optimization of ad campaigns that are run using Google Adwords, Facebook, and various other platforms. In addition, social media optimization (leveraging your social media to increase your traffic and become viral), and social marketing services such as custom contest pages, can be created.
  How long does it take to create / optimize my website?
Each website is unique, and thus has it’s own series of specific requirements. In addition, client interactions often play a role in turn around time. That aside, turn around time for a typical HTML or WordPress website is 2 months including design and development. Optimizing your website in search engines can take from 2 to 9 months, depending on how much competition there is on the internet for your target keywords.
  If you deal with SEO stuff, how come your website isn’t the first one that comes up on google?
  • If you are in the market for an SEO company, you definitely want to deal with one who can optimize their own website. That said, if you found us on Google, we must be doing something right.
  • However, you should also pay as much attention to the work they offer their clients. Some companies invest more time working on their own marketing, even to the extent that they selfishly leverage their clients’ websites to their own advantage.
  • There are thousands of possible combinations of search queries, many of which we do rank for and others we do not rank for, and there are numerous variables that will alter search results – based on your location, the device you are using (ie. mobile, tablet), your browser settings and many other variables. For instance, if you are logged into your email account (GMAIL in particular) while surfing, results may vary based on your preferences and former activity.
  • In addition, there are some keywords that simply aren’t worth investing in too much such as non-commercial, academic or informational keywords (ex: ‘What is SEO?’).
  • Furthermore, there are many ‘blackhat’ SEO tactics that can result in a temporary short-term increase in online visibility. However, such techniques generally result in long-term penalties enforced either manually or automatically by Google. We use strictly ‘whitehat’ tactics and even stay away from ‘greyhat’ SEO (borderline punishable).
  • Finally, we target a variety of different keywords and use other techniques to increase our overall traffic such as posting relevant content posts regularly, website architecture and internal linking strategies to rank for specific terms.
  • Our competitive advantage is that we offer a more competitive service to our small and large clients (than market price), and have a proven track record delivering results across 70+ different industries and have experience working with public companies and small businesses.
  • We invite you to get in touch so we can walk you through examples of all this, and some client work, and we can explore your requirements.
  • For more information on how to choose a web design or online marketing provider, feel free to checkout our blog article: How to Choose a Good Web Marketing Company in Montreal
  I have never had a website, why do I need one?
  • Having a website connects you to potential clients, on a regular basis.
  • A webpage is ‘always open’ which means that your customers can access information from you 24 hours per day, during the entire year, all over the world, and in this way you can stay in touch with your customers, your potential clients, your employees, and your associates or strategic business partners, at any time, which means your website is omnipresent.
  • Add a professional look to your businesses, appear up-to-date, and get taken more seriously.
  • Many customers and users prefer low cost and unlimited time that Internet offers to search for their products or services and they can find it in your website.
  • When people surf on the internet they can find your services with ease, offering them easy access to your services and thus, increasing the likelihood that you will generate more sales.
  Why is SEO necessary to get more visitors from search engines like Google?
SEO provides visibility and exposure to your website. Using such strategies, methods and tactics, offered by our experts and senior consultants, your website will rank on top of major search engines for targeted keywords. SEO will help you stand out from the pack, and will enhance the way your content is organized.
  How does Omnivision get my site listed at the top of Google’s search results?
  • In order to rank your website on top of Google, Omnivision will develop a strategy which requires well-written and original content, correct keyword selection, and a certain number of links pointing to your site.
  • Omnivision provides you with a complete service to place your website at the top pages of Google’s search results.
  How will link building help my website?
  • Having the right amount of link popularity provides professionalism and credibility to your website. As there are hundreds of websites related to your industry, even though many of them are not offering commercial services.
  • Link building makes your website more influential and authoritative in the eyes of Google, and makes it stronger on the web.
  Is link building really important?
  • Yes it is, we know that people jump from one website to another by clicking links seen on every page they check, when your link is positioned strategically in authority websites the probability of people visiting your site increases rapidly which means an increase in traffic and more sales for your business.
  • In addition, link building techniques allow your website to get a natural boost in search engines, and will be more likely appear ahead of your competitors’ websites.
  Can I create my own internet marketing strategy in order to save some money?
  • Yes you can do the work yourself. Nevertheless, making mistakes is common, and it can take months to find and fix them. Also, internet marketing requires knowledge of and the ability to follow the ever-changing algorithms of the search engines, and which become smarter and faster everyday, which means that you should keep your website up-to-date in the same way search engines do.
  • If your search engine marketing strategy is not properly implemented, all your hard work may turn into a waste of time.
  What is Pay Per Click advertising?
  • This term refers to a technique that requires you to pay a certain rate every time someone clicks on a sponsored link and goes to your website.
  • Essentially, your business is artificially placed in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of a search engine.
  What are the challenges that my business will encounter throughout an internet marketing campaign?
  • Regularly developing new, unique and fresh content to your site.
  • Outranking your local and global competitors on the Internet.
  • Managing all the new demands and opportunities generated through your website.
  • Continuously monitoring and improving your website’s performance.
  I have a website but my sales are not increasing, how can Omnivision help me?
  • Depending on your requirements, Omnivision can optimize your website, creating the best strategies for you. We offer complete marketing techniques to further enhance your chances of success on the Internet.
  • Remember that having a website is not enough, a entire presence on Internet is necessary, since Internet surfers shop around and will appreciate fresh content and up-to-date information, both text and images.
  Is it necessary to have a social media marketing strategy?
  • The simple answer is – Yes. Nowadays people communicate more frequently using social media (Twitter, Facebook). These sites function as public opinion forums where people interchange their different backgrounds. Having good references using these websites offers your website unlimited traffic for an unlimited time.
  • Marketing strategy using social media helps your customers in order to evaluate and share information regarding your business. Since clients express their opinion about your service, you can learn from it, manage and ideally improve people’s perceptions about your organization.
  Why should I sign-up for Omnivision Design’s services?
  • Omnivision design, knows how to market and monetize your business on internet.
  • We integrate, and help our clients manage all the necessary social media components for your company.
  • Omnivision offers a personalized service during the keyword selection process, understanding your business’ competitive advantage and objectives, which is essential to your long-term success.
  • We integrate the best options and strategies for each of our clients’ respective businesses and industries.
  Does Omnivision Design offer any advanced SEO strategies?
  • Omnivision Design can setup an SEO SILO structure using WordPress or Shopify CMS-driven websites.
  • A SILO will ensure that your website is properly configured for optimal RSS aggregation, URL and internal linking structure and will make optimal use of your blog.
  • SILOs are particularly effective when targeting highly highly competitive keywords or industries on competitive search engines such as Google.com or Google.co.uk
  What kind of reporting will be provided?
Throughout our process and via any of our proposed packages, you will receive the following reports / documents:
  • Keyword Research (target keyword selection / competitor analysis)
  • On-page SEO – META data, website URL structure synonyms and variants (we will require access to your website or; we can provide you with the META data and your web developer can implement it for you)
  • Initial content creation (prior to implementation/modifications to your site)
  • Access to view your Google Places stats
  • Monthly link-building reports (containing backlinks/external links that were submitted)
  • Benchmarking (monthly progress reports detailing your ranking for all your target keywords each month – generally combined with your link building report in the same Excel document)
  We already have some in-house, internal and external resources assisting us with web development and online marketing; how can Omnivision still help?
Although there are some things that I am sure your team can handle in-house, our team has offered large organizations with in-house web marketing departments specific services and consulting based on their specific requirements. Our core specialties are in WordPress web design, SEO, pay-per-click advertising and Google Analytics. As a result, our team consists of specialists, who can assist you in the following areas:
  • WordPress Configuration (we will determine which plugins to use, which are unnecessary, and how to configure them for better performance / results)
  • Improving Page Load Speed (fast websites rank better in search and offer better overall user experience; whether you are using a template or created a custom site, let us clean it up and make it as lightweight as possible)
  • Usability/Conversion Optimization (we can setup landing pages or do multi-variant testing to determine the optimal layout for each page)
  • Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools (let our analytics specialist gather, track and analyze data that will allow us to make better decisions regarding your website)
  • Google Adwords (Our Adwords certified professional will target and bid on keywords that cost you the least amount per click and provide you with the best CTR, CPA, and ROI)
  • Link Building (Our link builders have followed Google’s algorithms for years and are capable of increasing your traffic, by acquiring the right external links – we also offer guest posting services)
  • SEO / SEO Copywriting (we have a team of web copywriters who can adjust your website’s content and META data so that your website ranks higher in Google).
  • Social Media has become increasingly important for branding purposes and for lead generation, especially now that Google takes into account social signals and weighs them when ranking sites. We offer consulting, turnkey management, and can run contests and pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Video Services: We also have a video SEO expert who can rank your videos higher in YouTube and in Google search results, along with a video production and motion graphics team (we offer video production North-America-wide).
  • Print services: We offer auxiliary print services such as affordable flyer printing, and high quality business card printing, along with print design services (logo design, flyer design, stationary design, etc).
Hope the above clarifies how we can be of service to you. We can offer simple consulting services and provide complete recommendations for your team, or we can go in and handle the work ourselves, based on what resources you have in-house. We can provide you with a quote for specific requirements or an hourly rate if you wish to have us on standby and involve us when necessary.
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